Are you unsure of the nature of an item, estate, or simply need guidance regarding the best course of action for your items? Unbiased, professional advice can provide clarity to almost any situation. A consultation can provide the following benefits:

  • Identification of valuable jewelry versus costume.
  • Separation of valuables which merit full appraisal, prior to paying an appraisal fee.
  • Market advice when deciding to sell or keep certain items.
  • Inspection of items purchased online or from a private party.
  • Unbiased advice and item inspection for retail purchases.


Consultation services are billed by the hour, rather than by the piece, making it a much more cost-effective way to address certain pieces and larger collections where a detailed evaluation may not be necessary. A written simple summary of items may be provided, at the client’s request. Services can be provided in office, or at a location of mutual agreement.

Note –  identification and documentation of items for dispute resolution requires a full appraisal report for each item.

See appraisal rates.

To submit a question or schedule an appointment, please call 619-300-1017 or use the form below:



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